Fish N Ski First Aid Kit

74 Total Pieces.
The perfect marine first aid kit for the small craft. Plastic case with gasketed dual locking lid, fits easily into small storage areas on boat. Contains:
Adhesive Strips
(20) Adhesive Strips
(2) X-Large Adhesive Strips
(2) Knuckle Bandages
(2) Fingertip Bandages
Wound Dressings
(2) Gauze Pads, 3"
(1) Gauze Pads, 2"
(1) Adhesive Tape
Antiseptics, Medicinals
(6) First Aid/Burn Cream
(10) Antiseptic Wipes
(3) Sting Relief Wipes
(12) Aspirin
(12) Motion Sickness Tablets
Additional Products
(1) First Aid Instructions

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