Peregrine Bucket Ice Pack


Designed to work in synergy with the Venture Bucket Pack to keep your food and drinks at their coldest for 6-8 hours. Combine the Bucket Ice Pack with Ice and it will keep ice up to 50% longer. At just 1.75" tall it's low profile will help you save valuable storage space in your bucket. Don't have a Venture Bucket Pack? The Bucket Ice Pack works great in any 5-6 gallon round buckets.


• Perfect fit for all 5 and 6-gallon round buckets

• Utilizes non-toxic Arctic Ice™ 28°F (-2°C) Phase Change Material technology for long-lasting chilling capability

• Keeps ice frozen up to 50% longer than an equal volume of ice

• Rugged UV stabilized color container

• Leakproof ultrasonic spin welded cap

• Maximum surface area for faster cooling

• Reusable

• Dimensions & Weight: 10.0 x 1.75”; 3.85 lbs

    • LIFETIME Warranty

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