RoboCup Drink Holder/ Rod Holder


RoboCup is a utility patented caddy that securely holds two drinks, tools, fishing poles, drum sticks, phone, keys and much more by clamping instantly to both round and flat surfaces up to 2" in size. 

HOW TO USE: To open (1) hold the RoboCup with the jaws facing away from you and (2) using both hands squeeze the cups inwards using your chest muscles and (3) clamp onto a surface using both jaws equally.  For maximum security, the clamping jaws can be locked using a 4" plastic cable-tie. 

REMOVABLE END CAPS: The two bottom end caps are removable for access to clean the RoboCup and for long objects including two fishing poles.  Updated in mid-2017, these end caps now have threading with a perfect fit. 

REINFORCED DESIGN:  Ribs were added to reinforce the clamping jaws in mid-2017 making them twice as durable.  The poly material continues to have UV-inhibitors added for longevity against the sun.  

STRAPS: The included two straps can be configured in various positions based your application and can be used to wrap the clamping jaws for added support. 

HARDWARE: The hardware and two powerful springs are stainless steel for rust prevention.

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